Made Into the Image of Jesus - Daniel’s Story


Before I received salvation, I would laugh at God and at people who be­lieved in God. One night three years ago after drinking and taking drugs I was found on Myrtle Beach very close to death.

At that time in my life, I was angry at myself, people, and God. I would yell at Him that I didn’t believe in Him. And then one day it hit me; I am yelling at a God I don’t believe in. What’s wrong with this picture? Then it came to me that He is real. I was the biggest hypocrite, yelling at a God I thought I didn’t believe in. Deep down, I must have known He was listening to me and hearing my angry prayers.

Eight months later God drew me to a church to hear the message of salva­tion. I kept thinking “Is this really happening? I’m the guy who had been mocking God. Could He really accept me and love me?” That night God revealed to me that He is the great I AM. I was saved. I felt relief. The things I had felt before were gone. The panic attacks I had been experienc­ing also stopped.

Before I came to WCRM, I was in jail for the incident on Myrtle Beach. I wit­nessed to my cell mate about Jesus Christ and he gave his life to the Lord. At that time, I had also been in a program for five months that did not include God. I felt the need to find one that included God instead. God worked it out for me because the judge allowed me to come to WCRM. God is faithful.

September 2014 was a pivotal point in my life. David Rutledge helped me see my need for Je­sus Christ. I trusted David enough to really open up and talk about issues and concerns. I fully surrendered to God. Since then I have a better understanding of grace and I’ve been able to get “religion” out of me. I know that I am to reflect the light of Jesus, the Son, just as the moon reflects the light of the sun. “By His stripes I am healed.”

In the same way that a blacksmith has a variety of tools to do his work, I think about the people at WCRM as being a variety of tools God has used to work out a new purpose for my life.

I am grateful for the teachings of David Rutledge. I have learned to trust David with my concerns and questions. David has also taught me that I need to be the man God has called me to be. (David has become my friend, not just a WCRM counselor.)

I now worship God in Spirit and in Truth; I love lifting my hands to Him in worship.

One of the WCRM teachers was talking to a group of us and asked us to define suc­cess. For me, success is walking out my life each and every day in the power of the Holy Spirit. I’d like to attend Bible College because I want to gain more knowledge about God and I want to understand more about God. I want to know Christ in a deeper way. I am currently living at WCRM and I would someday like to get my own place. I am also working at one of the WCRM thrift stores, and I am a driver for WCRM.

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