Recovery - More Than Sobriety

Man in recovery programAbandoning Addiction

Our free, 12-month residential drug and alcohol Recovery Program is an intense life training course; a place where men learn to abandon addiction and receive the resources and support necessary to build a new life. As up to 18 men progress through the 5 stages of the program, our aim is to help them to experience health and freedom beyond the substances that have controlled them for so long.

Transformation through Discipleship

Being a Christ-centered rehabilitation program, we believe that the success of a participant hinges upon a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and that growth occurs through exposure to Biblical training. Our Recovery Disciples then spend time in individual counseling, personal study and classroom instruction. Community service is also major component of our curriculum. Participants are required to live on campus and work throughout their time here. During the first 6 months of their saty, this takes the form of volunteer service in our Homeless Shelter. By coupling personal growth and outward service, the brokenness of addiction is replaced with patterns of stability, integrity, and healthy social engagement.

Equipped for Success

In the later months of Recovery, Disciples are expected to secure gainful employment off campus and manage their financial resources. Job training, accountability and life skills development prepare them to become stable and productive citizens. As men mature in their Recovery they are encouraged to mend broken family relationships, pursue mentors in the community, find a church and participate in a community of faith. As important as it is to help men overcome their addictions, we want to foster success beyond the confines of the Recovery Program.

Western Carolina Rescue Ministries does not currently operate a Recovery Program for women.

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