Restoration: Poverty Alleviation

Change situations and build a better future.

We provide life counseling, job training and assistance with transitional services so that people have the opportunity to change their situations and build a better future. These services are designed to equip long-term homeless clients, Recovery Program participants and the working poor from the community with the tools necessary to overcome the internal and external problems that have plagued their past, corrupted their present and jeopardize their future.

While our Rescue services provide for the immediate physical needs of our clients, we recognize hunger and homelessness as traits of the much deeper issue of poverty. As such, we believe that the real solution to homelessness is not simply homes. We know that chronic hunger will not be satisfied by a steady supply of meals. The survival of poor depends on more than the short-term intervention of the community.

To achieve the kind of success that draws the poor and hopeless from their poverty and propels them toward a better future we must provide real solutions to overcome its underlying issues that hold them back. The heart of the Restoration Program is future-focused poverty alleviation.